Shirley Temple Songbook

Shirley Temple Songbook original soundtrack



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Actor: Shirley Temple
Label: Casablanca 826 687-1
Condition: used
Grade: records = ex sleeve= some in on the inner sleeve

Double LP set

side one
A1 On The Good Ship Lollipop
A2 Polly-Wolly-Doodle
A3 When I'm With You
A4 Oh, My Goodness
A5 Early Bird
A6 At The Codfish Ball
A7 This Is A Happy Little Ditty
A8 Baby, Take A Bow
A9 How Can I Thank You
side two
B1 Animal Crackers In My Soup
B2 On Account-A I Love You
B3 You've Gotta Eat Your Spinach, Baby
B4 I Love To Walk In The Rain
B5 An Old Straw Hat
B6 When I Grow Up
B7 Lay-De-O
B8 But Definitely
B9 That's What I Want For Christmas
B10 Goodnight, My Love
side three
C1 Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers
C2 Hey What Did The Blue Jay Say
C3 Come And Get Your Happiness
C4 Picture Me Without You
C5 We Should Be Together
C6 The Right Somebody To Love
C7 If All The World Were Paper
C8 Sextet From Lucia
C9 Swing Me An Old Fashioned Song
C10 Loves Young Dream
C11 Happy Ending
side four
D1 He Was A Dandy
D2 Thank You For The Use Of The Hall
D3 Fith Avenue
D4 Young People
D5 Tra-La-La-La
D6 Wher Thers Life Theres Soap
D7 In Our Little Wooden Shoes
D8 Be Optimistic
D9 Our Little Girl
D10 All Aboard The Dreamland Choo-Choo
D11 Ill Always Be With You
D12 He Was A Dandy Finale

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