Some Like it Hot : original soundtrack

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Some Like it Hot original soundtrack
some like back

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Composer: adolph deutsch
Label: Soundtrack Factory 606353
Year: 2015
Condition: new
Grade: mint
+ 15 Bonus Tracks

Track listing
01. "Runnin' Wild"
02. "Sugar Blues/Runnin` Wild #2"
03. "We Could [Incidental Dialogue]"
04. "Down Among The Sheltering Palms"
05. "Randolph Street Rag"
06. "I Wanna Be Loved By You"
07. "A Musical Family [Incidental Dialogue]"
08. "Park Avenue Fantasy"
09. "Down Among The Sheltering Palms #2/"
10. "Fuzzy End Of The Lollipop [Incidental Dialogue]"
11. "I`m Thru With Love"
12. "Sugar Blues #2 / Tell The Whole Darn World"
13. "Rough, Hairy Breasts [Incidental Dialogue]"
14. "Play It Again Charlie"
15. "Sweet Georgia Brown"
16. "Very Interesting [Incidental Dialogue]"
17. "By The Beautiful Sea 1:22"
18. "Park Avenue Fantasy"
19. "Real Hot! [Incidental Dialogue]"
20. "Some Like It Hot [Instrumental]"

Bonus tracks issued on singles
21. "Some Like It Hot"
22. "I`m Thru With Love"
23. "Sweet Sue, Just You"
24. "I Wanna Be Loved By You"
25. "Down Among The Sheltering Palms"

Bonus album - Marilyn
26. "Heat Wave"
27. "Lazy"
28. "After You Get What You Want You Don`t Want It"
29. "One Silver Dollar"
30. "I`m Gonna File My Claim"
31. "The River Of No Return"
32. "A Little Girl From Little Rock"
33. "When Love Goes Wrong"
34. "Diamonds Are A Girl`s Best Friend"
35. "Bye Bye Baby"

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