Under Milk Wood: 1998

Under Milk Wood original soundtrack



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Author: Dylan Thomas
Reader: Anthony Hopkins & Jonathan Pryce
Label: MFP CDLLP7667
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In 1988, George Martin produced an album version, featuring more of the dialogue being sung, with music by Martin and Elton John, among others; Anthony Hopkins played the part of 'First Voice'. This was subsequently done as a one-off stage performance (as An Evening with Dylan Thomas), for The Prince's Trust and in the presence of HRH Prince Charles, to commemorate the opening in December 1992 of the new AIR Studios at Lyndhurst Hall. It was again produced by Martin and directed by Hopkins, who once again played 'First Voice'. Other roles were played by Harry Secombe, Freddie Jones, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Siân Phillips, Jonathan Pryce, Alan Bennett and, specially for the occasion, singer Tom Jones. The performance was recorded for television (directed by Declan Lowney) but has never been shown.

Disc: 1
1. Main Theme - Mark Knopfler
2. To Begin At The Beginning...
3. Never Such Seas
4. I Am A Draper Mad With Love
5. Now, In Her Iceberg-White...Nightgown
6. In Butcher Beynon's
7. Titbits And Topsyturvies
8. And The Dawn Inches Up
9. Morning Prayer
10. Guide Book - Alan Bennett
11. Oh, There's A Face!
12. Here's Your Arsenic, Dear
13. Mr And Mrs Cherry Owen
14. From Beynon Butcher's In Coronation Street
15. And...Captain Cat Hears All The Morning Of The Town - Sir George Martin
16. All The Women Are Out This Morning
17. Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard, La-Di-Da
18. Mrs Willy Nilly Streams Open Mr Mog Edward's Letter
19. Johnnie Crack And Flossie Snail - Children Of Laugharne School
Disc: 2
1. The Music Of The Spheres
2. Polly Garter: I Loved A Man - Bonnie Tyler
3. And Gossamer Beynon, Schoolteacher, Spoon-Stirred And Quivering
4. Gwennie Call The Boys
5. Gossamer Beynon High-Heels Out Of School
6. Persons With Manners Do Not Read At Table
7. Lord Cut-Glass, In His Kitchen Full Of Time
8. Now When Farmers' Boys On The First Fair Day - Bonnie Tyler
9. Rosie Probert And Captain Cat: Love Duet - Mary Hopkin
10. The Revd Eli Jenkins, Inky In His Cool Front Parlour
11. Now The Town Is Dusk
12. Revd Eli Jenkins: Every Morning When I Wake - Sir Geraint Evans
13. And Lily Smalls Is Up To Nogood Boyo
14. Mr Waldo: Come And Sweep My Chimbley - Tom Jones
15. Dancing, Williams?
16. But I Always Think As We Tumble Into Bed - Bonnie Tyler

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