Victor Victoria (deluxe edition) : original soundtrack

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Victor Victoria (Soundtrack)
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Composer: Music: Dickson Hughes, Lyrics: Richard Stapley
Label: Silva Screen ‎– SILLP1517
Year: 2016
Condition: new
Grade: mint - still sealed
2 × LPs, limited Edition of 500, Gatefold, Blue Vinyl Disc 1, Pink Vinyl Disc 2,

Side one
A1 Main Title "Crazy World" 2:09
A2 Cherry Ripe 2:26
A3 Alone In Paris 2:53
A4 Gay Paree 2:34
A5 You And Me (Orchestral Underscore Version 1) 2:43
A6 You And Me / The Idea 2:56
A7 Enter Leclou 1:11
A8 A Sub For A Lover 0:59
A9 King's Can Can 1:31

Side two
B1 Le Jazz Hot 4:22
B2 Medley: Le Jazz Hot (Bows) / The Unveiling 1:47
B3 You And Me (Orchestral Underscore Version 2) 1:35
B4 I'm Horny 0:58
B5 Chicago, Illinois 2:03
B6 The Shady Dame From Seville 4:36
B7 Cat And Mouse 3:18
B8 Chicago, Illinois 2:47

Side Three
C1 The Big Lift 1:19
C2 Elegant 3:28
C3 Drag Blues 1:45
C4 You And Me 2:53
C5 Bedroom Radio 1:39
C6 Crazy World (Le Matelot Club) 2:45
C7 You And Me (Orchestral Underscore Version 3) 0:37
C8 Crazy World 2:32

Side Four
D1 Medley: Crazy World / Sad Victoria 1:23
D2 King's Can Can (Reprise) 2:30
D3 The Shady Dame From Seville 4:41
D4 Finale (Shady Dame / Le Jazz Hot / Crazy World / You And Me) 4:55
D5 You And Me (Original Soundtrack Album Version) 2:54
D6 The Shady Dame From Seville (Rehearsal) 4:46

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