You Don’t Have to be Jewish original soundtrack

You Don't Have to be Jewish original soundtrack



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Label: mca coral CDL 8502
Year: 1965
Grade: vg

Track Listings
side 1
1. Act I: A Call From Long Island - Betty Walker/Arlene Golonka
2. Act I: Home From The Office - Lou Jacobi/Betty Walker
3. Act I: The Reading Of The Will - Jack Gilford/Lou Jacobi/Jackie Kannon/Arlene Golonka/Betty Walker
4. Act I: The Diamond - Arlene Golonka/Betty Walker
5. Act I: Quickies: The Astronaut/The School/The Confession - Jack Gilford/Betty Walker/Bob McFadden/Arlene Golonka/Jackie Kannon
6. Act I: The Jury - Frank Gilford/Lou Jacobi/Arlene Golonka/Betty Walker
7. Act I: The Presidents - Joe Silver/Bob McFadden/Jack Gilford
8. Act I: The Cocktail Party - Frank Gallop/Lou Jacobi
9. Act I: Final Discussion - Lou Jacobi/Betty Walker
10. Act I: More Quickies: Cry For Help/Panic/Two Husbands - Lou Jacobi/Betty Walker
11. Act I: The Convicts - Bob McFadden/Jackie Kannon/Joe Silver/Jack Gilford
side 2
12. Act II: The Housewarming - Arlene Golonka/Jack Gilford/Betty Walker
13. Act II: The Lucheon - Arlene Golonka/Betty Walker
14. Act II: Still More Quickies: The Storm/The Newspaper Reporter/The Home Remedy - Lou Jacobi/Jack Gilford/Jackie Kannon/Frank Gallop/Betty Walker
15. Act II: Conversation In The Lobby - Lou Jacobi/Betty Walker
16. Act II: The Agony And The Ecstasy - Betty Walker/Arlene Golonka
17. Act II: My Son, The Captain - Lou Jacobi/Jackie Kannon/Betty Walker
18. Act II: Secret Agent, James Bondstein - Lou Jacobi/Jack Gilford/Frank Gallop/Joe Silver/Betty Walker/Jackie Kannon
19. Act II: Enough Already Withe The Quickies: Dinner/The Elevator/Classified As, Israeli Style - Betty Walker/Jackie Kannon/Arlene GolonkaJack Gilford
20. Act II: Goldstein - Joe Silver/Jack Gilford/Frank Gallop

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