You’re A Hook: The 15 Year Anniversary Of Dial-A-Poem (1968-1983)

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You're A Hook: The 15 Year Anniversary Of Dial-A-Poem (1968-1983) original soundtrack



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Label: Giorno Poetry Systems GPS 030
Year: 1984
Condition: new

Side 1 (20:50)

John Giorno (Last Night) I Gambled with My Anger and Lost (9:12)
Words by John Giorno & Music by Charlie Roth
Produced by Lenny Kaye
Charlie Roth
synthesizer, Lenny Kaye: guitar, Paul Dugan: bass, David Donen: drums
Engineering by Roddy Hui
Recorded at Greene Street Recording, New York, August 1983

William S. Burroughs Old Man Bickford from "The Place of Dead Roads" (2:08)
Recorded at Kabuki Theater, San Francisco, February 25, 1983

Laurie Anderson Song from America on the Move (6:55)
Recorded at The Nova Convention, New York, April 29 1977

Philip Glass A Secret Solo (2:17)
Recorded at Big Apple Studios, New York, April 29, 1977

Side 2 (23:20)

Lenny Kaye No Jestering (4:17)
Lenny Kaye: vocals & guitar, Ivan Kral: bass, Bruce Brody: keyboards, Jay De Dughterry: drums
Patti Smith: emcee
Recorded at The Place, Eugene, Ore., May 9, 1978

Patti Smith 7 Ways of Going from "The Histories of the World"
Recorded at St. Marks Church, New York, January 1, 1975
Fire of Unknown Origin Lenny Kaye: guitar
Recorded at The Nova Convention, New York, December, 1978 (6:14)

Jim Carroll from "The Basketball Diaries":
(1962) The Coach Told Me to Take Off My Shirt, and (August 7, 1965), The Celia Sisters
Recorded at Giorno Poetry Systems, New York, March 30, 1969 (3:28)

Frank Zappa The Talking Asshole (5:24)
Recorded at The Nova Convention, New York, December 2, 1978

Allen Ginsberg Father Death Blues (3:44)
Produced by Roma Baran & Allen Ginsberg
Allen Ginsberg: vocals & harmonium, David Amram: french horn & flute, Jon Sholle: bass and electric guitars, Arthur Russell: cello, Steven Taylor: vocals & acoustic guitar
Engineering by Gregory Shifrin
Recorded at ZBS Media, Fort Edward, New York, February 28-March 1, 1981
Courtesy of Hammond Music Enterprises, thanks to Hank O'Neal.

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