Iron Giant : original soundtrack




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Composer: michael kamen
Label: rhino 812275943
Year: 1999
Condition: new
Grade: mint

Track listing

1. blast off
the tyrones
2. rockin' in the orbit
jimmie haskell
3. kookie's mad pad
edd byrnes
4. salt peanuts
the nutty squirrels
5. comin' home baby
mel tormé
6. cha-hua-hua
eddie platt
7. let's do the cha cha
the magnificents
8. blues walk
lou donaldson
9. i got a rocket in my pocket
jimmy lloyd
10. searchin'
the coasters
11. honeycomb
jimmie rodgers
12. destination moon
the ames brothers
13. you can be...
michael kamen
14. ... who you choose to be
michael kamen

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