Bitter Mirror: Songs of Bertolt Brecht & Bob Dylan : original soundtrack



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Singer: Bettina Jonic
Label: XTRA XTRA (D) 1157
Year: 1975
Condition: used
Grade: ex
double LP set

Track Listings
Side one
A1 The Black-Hat's Fight Song 3:14
A2 Train -A-Travellin' 7:17
A3 The Death Of Emmett Till 5:45
A4 The Jews-Whore Marie Saunders 2:14
A5 It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) 2:36
Side two
B1 Masters Of War 2:54
B2 Song Of A German Mother 2:56
B3 John Brown 7:55
B4 Cannon Song 1:59
B5 Hollywood 1:26
Side three
C1 North Country 3:29
C2 Song Of The Invogorating Effect Of Money 5:51
C3 Song Of The Inadequacy Of Man's Higher Nature 1:27
C4 Mandelay 7:01
C5 Nana's Lied 3:42
Side four
D1 Like Rolling Stone 5:54
D2 Pirate Jenny 5:25
D3 God In Mahagony 4:53
D4 I'd Sure Hate To Be You On That Dreadfull Day 1:53
D5 Blowin' In The Wind 4:07
D6 Perhaps Song 2:46
D7 As You Make Your Bed You Must Lie There 1:07

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