By Jeeves : original soundtrack

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By Jeeves original soundtrack



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Composer: Alan Ayckbourn and Andrew Lloyd-Webber
Label: Polydor/Really Useful 533187-2
Year: 1996
Condition: used
Grade: ex

Track Listings
1. Some Introductory Chat
2. Wooster Will Entertain You
3. The Plot Thickens
4. Travel Hopefully (Part One)
5. A Curious Hedgehog Incident
6. Travel Hopefully - Steven Pacy/ Nicholas Haverson
7. In Which My Character Is Tested
8. That Was Nearly Us - Steven Pacy/ Lucy Tregear
9. Days Of Jam And Mazes
10. Love's Maze - Steven Pacey/ Cathy Tregear
11. Wooster Thinks On His Feet
12. The Hallo Song - Steven Pacy/ Nicholas Colicos/ Simon Day
13. And Identity Crisis (Or Two)
14. By Jeeves - Steven Pacy/ Simon Day/ Nicholas Haverson
15. Wooster Noble Intercedes
16. When Love Arrives - Steven Pacey/ Diana Morrison
17. I Am Let Down (Badly)
18. What Have You Got To Say, Jeeves?
19. I Answer The Call Of The Code
20. Half A Moment - Catha Sara/ Richard Long
21. I Risk My Neck To Save The Bacon
22. It's A Pig - Lucy Tregear/ Steven Pacey/ Diana Morrison/
23. A Satisfactory Outcome
24. Banjo Boy - Malcon Sinclair/ Steven Pacey/ Robert Austin/ Diana Morrison/ Simon Day/ Nicholas Haverson/ Lucy...
25. Wizard Rainbow Banjo Mix
26. In Conclusion

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