Chemical Wedding original soundtrack

Chemical Wedding original soundtrack



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Composer: Bruce Dickinson, Dave Howman, Andre Jacquemin, Rod Melvin
Label: WARNER MUSIC 83812-1
Year: 2008
Condition: new
Grade: mint

Track listing
1. Chemical Wedding
2. Meet the Wickedest Man in the World (Dialogue)
3. Hush, Hush, Hush, Here Comes the Bogey Man
4. Young Symonds & Young Alex Meet Crowley (Dialogue)
5. 50 Years I Kept His Watch (Dialogue)
6. The Suit Revealed
7. The Evil That Men Do Lives On (Dialogue)
8. Mathers' Dream
9. Sexual Magic (Simon Callow - Dialogue)
10. An Encounter with Him (Dialogue)
11. Lia Meets Mathers
12. Symonds Introduces Dr Oliver Haddo (Dialogue)
13. Handel: Messiah: Pt. 2 "Hallelujah"
14. Haddo's Lecture (Dialogue)
15. Mozart: Symphony No. 40 in G Minor K550: I Molto Allegro
16. Haddo's Explanation (Dialogue)
17. Those Cockless Wonders (Dialogue)
18. Who Is It You Think I Am (Dialogue)
19. Can I Play with Madness
20. Professor in Suit the Journey (Dialogue)
21. Every Man & Woman Is a Star (Dialogue)
22. Fanlight Fanny
23. Haddo Visits the Mystic Shop (Dialogue)
24. The Ghost in the Machine (Dialogue)
25. Sip the Wine
26. Spare Some Change
27. The Wicker Man
28. Seperation by Skin
29. She's Thinking of Me
30. Producing a Moonchild
31. Behold the Place I Have Led You
32. Hypnotizing Brent
33. The Curious Cat Comes Willingly
34. He Was Never a Carpenter
35. Mathers Enters the Suit
36. Time After All Is Only Relative
37. Where's the Door
38. Holy Union
39. The Last Fight
40. Debussy: Prélude à l'Après-MIDI d'Un Faune
41. Felt out of Place
42. Man of Sorrows

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