“Crocodile” Dundee : original soundtrack



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Composer: Peter Best
Label: Silva Screen FILM 009
Year: 1986
Condition: used
Grade: ex/NM

Side one
"Never Never"
A1 Opening Titles
A2 Mick And His Mate, Cyril
A3 The Walkabout Bounce
A4 Goodnight Walter
A5 In The Truck
A6 The Buffalo
A7 In The Boat
A8 Never Never Land
A9 The Death Roll
A10 Sunset
A11 Nice One Skippy
A12 A Walk In The Bush
A13 Crocodile
A14 Echo Billabong
A15 Would You Mind?

Side Two
"New York"
B1 Mick Meets New York
B2 G'Day
B3 Yessir
B4 Mad, Bad And Dangerous
B5 The Pimp
B6 Stone The Crows
B7 Thats Nota Knife
B8 Oh Richard
B9 The Pimp Returns
B10 Theme From "Crocodile Dundee"
B11 Overture From "Crocodile Dundee"

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