Ghost of Tsushima (Music from the Video Game) original soundtrack



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Composer: Shigeru Umebayashi, Ilan Eshkeri
Label: Milan – 19439772461
Year: 2020
Condition: used
Grade: VG - scratch/clicks audible on disc 2 - side B track 1
3 × Vinyl LPs.

Disc 1 - Side A
A1 Ilan Eshkeri– The Way of the Ghost 4:14
A2 Ilan Eshkeri– Jin Sakai 2:51
A3 Ilan Eshkeri– Komoda Beach 3:31
A4 Ilan Eshkeri– The Way of the Samurai 3:19
A5 Ilan Eshkeri– Lord Shimura 2:15
A6 Ilan Eshkeri– No Mercy 4:10
Disc 1 - Side B
B1 Ilan Eshkeri– Lady Masako 4:01
B2 Ilan Eshkeri– A Reckoning in Blood 4:35
B3 Ilan Eshkeri– The Last of Clan Adachi 3:12
B4 Ilan Eshkeri– Heart of the Jito 4:15
B5 Ilan Eshkeri– The Tale of Sensei Ishikawa 4:36

Disc 2 - Side A
C1 Ilan Eshkeri– Forgotten Song 2:11
C2 Ilan Eshkeri– Khotun Khan 4:01
C3 Ilan Eshkeri– Honour to Ash 2:34
C4 Ilan Eshkeri– The Fate of Tsushima 3:15
C5 Ilan Eshkeri– Sacrifice of Tradition 4:29
C6 Ilan Eshkeri– The Way of the Ghost (feat. Clare Uchima) 3:32
Disc 2 - Side B
D1 Shigeru Umebayashi– Tsushima Suite: I. Seion 9:28
D2 Shigeru Umebayashi– Tsushima Suite: II. Shurai 8:54

Disc 3 - Side A
E1 Shigeru Umebayashi– Tsushima Suite: III. Bushido 10:17
E2 Shigeru Umebayashi– Tsushima Suite: IV. Kodoku 9:51
Disc 3 - Side B
F1 Shigeru Umebayashi– Tsushima Suite: V. Seiiki 9:40

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