Grey Fox original soundtrack

Grey Fox original soundtrack
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Composer: michael conway baker
Label: drg sl9515
Year: 1983
Condition: used
Grade: ex

side one
1. The Big Ride (#2)
2. Main Titles
The Chieftans
3. Oyster Bed Sequence
The Chieftans
4. Nickelodeon Sequence
5. The Oregon Sequence
6. Ride Through Colors
7. Country Store Sequence
The Chieftans
8. Ride To Kamloops
The Chieftans
9. Rideo To Kamloops
10. A Golf Waltz
11. Sweet Betsy From Pike
vocal Richard Farnsworth
12. The Big Ride (#3)

side two
13. The Grey Fox Theme
14. Meeting Train At Ducks Siding
The Chieftans
15. Kate's Waltz
16. Miner's Confessions To Kate
17. The Chase
The Chieftans
18. The Chase
19. End Titles
The Chieftans
20. The Big Ride (#1)

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