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Composer: Stephen Rippy
Label: Sumthing Else Music Works ‎– SE-2052-2 s/h
Year: 2009
Condition: used

CD1-1 Spirit Of Fire 2:12
CD1-2 Bad Here Day 3:01
CD1-3 Perspective 1:24
CD1-4 Money Or Meteors 3:23
CD1-5 Flollo 3:01
CD1-6 Just Ad Nauseam 0:57
CD1-7 Unusually Quiet 1:29
CD1-8 Flip And Sizzle 3:39
CD1-9 Put The Lady Down 2:21
CD1-10 Six-Armed Robbing Suit 2:55
CD1-11 Action Figure Hands 3:00
CD1-12 Status Quo Show 1:13
CD1-13 Part Of The Plan 0:30
CD1-14 Work Burns And Runaway Grunts 3:07
CD1-15 Freaked Out 0:44
CD1-16 Rescued Or Not 1:31
CD1-17 Best Guess At Best 2:56
CD1-18 One Problem At A Time 1:14
CD1-19 De Facto The Matter 1:31
CD1-20 Part Of The Problem 2:58
CD1-21 Fingerprints Are Broken 3:22
CD1-22 Out Of There Alive 1:04
CD1-23 Through Your Hoops 1:35
CD1-24 Under Your Hurdles 1:28
CD1-25 Insignificantia (All Sloppy/No Joe) 3:20

DVD1-1 Spirit Of Fire: Three Cities 2:23
DVD1-2 Five Long Years 3:17
DVD1-3 Teaser Trailer 1:30
Bonus Tracks
DVD1-4 X-06 1:36
DVD1-5 Fingerprints Are Broken (Harvest Intro Version) 1:06
DVD1-6 Five Long Years 3:53
DVD1-7 Money Or Meteors (Arcadia Intro Version) 1:11
DVD1-8 Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained 1:27
DVD1-9 Best Guess At Best (Shield Exterior Intro Version) 1:12
DVD1-10 Quite The Vacation Resort 2:10
DVD1-11 Bad Here Day (Shield Interior Intro Version) 1:10
DVD1-12 We're Burning Sunshine 2:47
5.1 Sourround Mixes
DVD1-13 Spirit Of Fire 2:17
DVD1-14 Bad Here Day 3:04
DVD1-15 Flollo 3:07
DVD1-16 Just Ad Nauseam 1:01
DVD1-17 Money Or Meteors 3:33
DVD1-18 Fingerprints Are Broken 3:30
DVD1-19 Through Your Hoops 1:36
DVD1-20 Under Your Hurdles 1:30
DVD1-21 Insignificantia (All Sloppy-No Joe) 3:21

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