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Composer: Takahiro Kaneko
Label: Virgin VPCD-81602
Condition: new
Grade: mint
has OBI Spinestrip
Original soundtrack of the NTV drama "Hokaben" (starring Aya Ueto) that depicts the battle between the new and the weakest lawyers.

Track listing
01. Hope light (Hokaben Main Theme)
02. Maze of Thought, Thought without Exit
03. defending ... to ask their own philosophy (Hokaben Main Theme)
04. The theme of 'Domoto light' (Hokaben Main Theme)
05. Memories of days passed (Hokaben Theme Ⅱ)
06. intertwining, fantasy thought of a huge organization
07. HEART BEAT From A2Z incident to trial
08. Dignified soul, sealed kindness (Hokaben Theme Ⅱ)
09. Tracking theme
10. Peaceful peace. Feelings, it will never be sunny (Hokaben Main Theme)
11. Faint signs past the mind
12. Thinking bent thinking, altered love (Hokaben Theme Ⅱ)
13. Mother, I know what is precious (Hokaben Main Theme)
14. Strange Thinking, Confusion
15. intertwining, two illusion thoughts
16. Flash Back, images burned in the retina erode my mind
17. Hope Light (Hokaben Main Theme)
18. Dignified soul, gentleness falls (Hokaben Theme Ⅱ)
19. When you feel frustrated, your sense of defeat, even when you lose sight of people you rely on (Hokaben Main Theme)
20. Faint light (Hokaben Theme Ⅱ)
21. Justice feeling, no resignation, resentment, thinking
22. In a situation where there is no salvation, a broken heart. Unusual behavior starting from there ... human
23. Twilight 'Lamp' (Hokaben Main Theme)
24. Is it justice or hypocrisy? Thought and present situation ... act
25. defending ... its philosophy (Hokaben Main Theme)

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