Johhny Johnson original soundtrack

Johhny Johnson original soundtrack



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Composer: Kurt Weill
Label: HELIODOR HS25024
Year: 19?
Condition: used
Grade: vg

Track listing
side one
a1 Overture
a2 Over In Europe
a3 Democracy's Call
a4 Up Chickamauga Hill
a5 Johnny's Melody
a6 Aggie's Sewing Machine Song
a7 O, Heart Of Love
a8 Capt. Valentine's Tango
a9 Johnny's Speech
a10 Song Of The Goddess
a11 Song Of The Wounded Frenchman

side two
b1 Cowboy Song, The Rio Grande
b2 Johnny's Dream
b3 Song Of The Guns
b4 Music Of The Stricken Redeemer
b5 Mon Ami, My Friend
b6 The Allied High Command
b7 The Laughing Generals
b8 In Times Of Tumult And War
b9 Battle; Johnny's Arrest & Homecoming
b10 How Sweetly Friendship Binds
b11 The Psychiatry Song
b12 Hymn To Peace
b13 Johnny's Song

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