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Composer: Yoko Shimomura
Label: KO records -99172
Year: 2006
Condition: used
Grade: ex

Track listing
Disc One
Yoko Shimomura Dearly Beloved 2:22
–Utada Hikaru Passion (Kingdom Orchestra Instrumental Version) 3:41
–Utada Hikaru Passion (Opening Version) 4:26
–Yoko Shimomura Lazy Afternoons 1:40
–Yoko Shimomura Sinister Sundown 1:14
–Yoko Shimomura The Escapade 1:17
–Yoko Shimomura Dive Into The Heart (Destati) 1:49
–Yoko Shimomura Fragments Of Sorrow 1:16
–Yoko Shimomura Tension Rising 1:34
–Yoko Shimomura Kairi 0:54
–Yoko Shimomura Missing You 1:53
–Yoko Shimomura The 13th Struggle 1:44
–Yoko Shimomura Roxas 1:18
–Yoko Shimomura Sora 1:29
–Yoko Shimomura The Afternoon Streets 1:36
–Yoko Shimomura Working Together 1:30
–Yoko Shimomura Friends In My Heart 1:01
–Yoko Shimomura Magical Mystery 0:52
–Yoko Shimomura A Twinkle In The Sky 0:57
–Yoko Shimomura Reviving Hollow Bastion 2:08
–Yoko Shimomura Scherzo Di Notte 1:19
–Yoko Shimomura Laughter And Merriment 1:06
–Yoko Shimomura Desire For All That Is Lost 1:26
–Yoko Shimomura Organization XIII 1:22
–Yoko Shimomura Gearing Up 0:58
–Yoko Shimomura Shipmeisters' Shanty 2:00
–Yoko Shimomura Blast Off! 0:39
–Yoko Shimomura Asteroids Attack! 1:16
–Yoko Shimomura Crossing The Finish Line 0:41
–Yoko Shimomura Waltz Of The Damned 1:07
–Yoko Shimomura Dance Of The Daring 1:04
–Yoko Shimomura Hesitation 1:10
–Yoko Shimomura Dance To The Death 1:47
–Alan Menken Beauty And The Beast 0:46
–Yoko Shimomura The Home Of Dragons 1:32
–Yoko Shimomura Fields Of Honor 1:16
–Yoko Shimomura Apprehension 1:17
–Yoko Shimomura Vim And Vigor 1:28
–Yoko Shimomura Cloudchasers 1:39
–Yoko Shimomura Olympus Coliseum 1:39
–Yoko Shimomura The Underworld 1:23
–Yoko Shimomura What Lies Beneath 1:29
–Yoko Shimomura Villains Of A Sort 0:53
–Yoko Shimomura Rowdy Rumble 1:32
–Jimmie Dodd Mickey Mouse Club March 1:15
–Yoko Shimomura A Walk In Andante 0:55
–Yoko Shimomura Monochrome Dreams 1:04
–Yoko Shimomura Old Friends, Old Rivals 0:56
–Yoko Shimomura Floating In Bliss 1:31
–Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman Winnie The Pooh 1:38
–Yoko Shimomura Bounce-O-Rama (Speed Up Ver.) 1:39

Disc Two
–Yoko Shimomura Isn't It Lovely? 1:42
–Yoko Shimomura Let's Sing And Dance! 0:30
–Yoko Shimomura Swim This Way 2:21
–Alan Menken Part Of Your World 1:47
–Alan Menken Under The Sea 2:05
–Yoko Shimomura Ursula's Revenge 2:15
–Yoko Shimomura A New Day Is Dawning 2:09
–Yoko Shimomura Nights Of The Cursed 1:56
–Klaus Badelt, Geoffrey Zanelli*, Hans Zimmer He's A Pirate 1:29
–Yoko Shimomura The Corrupted 1:21
–Yoko Shimomura Hazardous Highway 1:12
–Yoko Shimomura A Day In Agrabah 1:51
–Yoko Shimomura Arabian Dream 1:35
–Danny Elfman This Is Halloween 1:26
–Yoko Shimomura Spooks Of Halloween Town 1:20
–Yoko Shimomura Adventures In The Savannah 1:49
–Yoko Shimomura Savannah Pride 1:20
–Yoko Shimomura The Encounter 1:49
–Yoko Shimomura Space Paranoids 1:42
–Yoko Shimomura Byte Bashing 1:20
–Yoko Shimomura Sinister Shadows 1:12
–Yoko Shimomura The 13th Dilemma 1:59
–Yoko Shimomura Showdown At Hollow Bastion 0:48
–Nobuo Uematsu One-Winged Angel (From Final Fantasy VII) 2:12
–Yoko Shimomura Battleship Bravery 1:42
–Yoko Shimomura Sacred Moon 2:06
–Yoko Shimomura Deep Drive 1:38
–Yoko Shimomura Riku 1:16
–Yoko Shimomura Courage 0:53
–Yoko Shimomura Disappeared 2:22
–Yoko Shimomura A Fight To The Death 2:04
–Yoko Shimomura Darkness Of The Unknown 4:36
–Utada Hikaru Passion (After The Battle) 5:59
–Yoko Shimomura Fantasia Alla Marcia For Piano, Chorus And Orchestra 7:45
–Yoko Shimomura Destiny Islands 1:10
–Yoko Shimomura Hand In Hand 0:40
–Yoko Shimomura Sunset Horizons 1:30
–Yoko Shimomura Dearly Beloved (Reprise) 1:28

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