Maltese Falcons, Third Men & Touches of Evil – The Sound Of Film Noir 1941-58 : original soundtrack

Maltese Falcons, Third Men & Touches of Evil - The Sound Of Film Noir 1941-58

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Composer: various
Label: Jasmine JSMCD 2663
Year: 2019
Condition: NEW
Grade: MINT
This unique set features the main title themes and/or signature music from 42 Noir classics.
made in the UK

1. The Maltese Falcon [Theme] 2. Journey Into Fear [Theme] 3. Double Indemnity [Theme/Scene] 4. Mildred Pierce [Theme] 5. Detour [Theme] 6. The Killers [Main Title/Theme] 7. The Big Sleep [Theme] 8. The Postman Always Rings Twice [Theme] 9. Notorious [Intro] 10. Born To Kill [Theme] 11. The Lady From Shanghai [Theme] 12. Kiss Of Death [Theme] 13. Key Largo [Theme] 14. Force Of Evil [Theme] 15. Sorry, Wrong Number [Prelude/Foreword] 16. Drunken Angel [Guitar Music] 17. Obsession [Main/End Title] 18. White Heat [Theme] 19. Criss-Cross [Main/End Title] 20. The Third Man [Main Theme, By Anton Karas] 21. The Asphalt Jungle [Theme] 22. D.O.A. [Theme] 23. Sunset Boulevard [Theme] 24. Night And The City [Theme/Intro] 25. In A Lonely Place [I Hadn’t Anyone Till You, By Hadda Brooks] 26. The Prowler [Main/End Title] 27. The Racket [Theme] 28. Strangers On A Train [Theme] 29. Macao [Theme] 30. The Hitch-Hiker [Main/End Title] 31. The Big Heat [Theme] 32. Pickup On South Street [Skip Leaves With Candy, By Lionel Newman] 33. Private Hell 36 [Theme] 34. Crime Wave [Opening Credits] 35. Suddenly [Theme] 36. Night Of The Hunter [Opening Credits] 37. Pete Kelly's Blues [Main Theme, By Ray Anthony] 38. The Wrong Man [Prelude] 39. The Killing [Theme] 40. Sweet Smell Of Success [Theme] 41. Elevator To The Gallows [Générique, By Miles Davis] 42. A Touch Of Evil [Main Title Theme, By Henry Mancini]

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