Songs From Soviet Films original soundtrack

Songs From Soviet Films original soundtrack



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Label: Sovietexportfilm OCT 5289-68
Condition: new
Grade: record = mint - sleeve shows signs of shelf wear

Side one
waltz from Beware of cars
Love is always new - The Young ones
Birch sap - an admirable fellow
Song of Gena the crocodile - Cheburashka
Drip Drip Drip - Ivan Vassilyevich Changes
Song and march - Byelorussian Satation

Side two
For that fellow - Mon=ment of silence
The daisies have hidden - My Street
Witchcraft - Russian Field
The forest Deer - Oh That Girl Nastya
The Hussar Ballad - Shelmenko, the Batman
Fleeting mometn - Seventeen Moments of Spring

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