Sounds of the Serengeti original soundtrack

Sounds of the Serengeti original soundtrack



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Label: Music For Pleasure MFP 1371 STEREO
Year: 1970
Condition: used
Grade: vg
Narrated by Peter Scott

Side 1
A1 Lions Roaring; Wildebeeste Herds And Crowned Lapwing; Young Wildebeeste Killed By Hunting Dogs
A2 Crowned Cranes, Rock Hyrax, Hadada Ibis; Rhino And Frogs; Hyena And Baboon, Tree Frogs And Crickets
A3 Elephants And Senegal Bushbaby; Night Adder And White Tailed Mongoose; Zebra, Wildebeeste, Black Backed Jackal And Lions On Kill
A4 Dawn Chorus - Ring Necked Dove, White-Browned Robin Chat, Augur Buzzard, Distant Lions Roaring; Lions On Kill, Feeding And Fighting; Flappet Lark, Zebra, Superb Starling, 22 Hyena Attacking 2 Lion, Wildebeeste In Background

Side 2
B1 Elephants; Colobus Monkey, Cicada (Beetle-Like Insect), Tropical Bou Bou Shrike, Bushbuck, Sykes Monkey; Superb Starling, Grey Hornbill; Buffalo, Black-Headed Bush Shrike
B2 Pied Kingfisher, White-Browned Coucal, Wildebeeste Background; Tropical Bou Bou Shrike, Warthog Courtship; Hippo And Woodland Kingfisher; Greater And Lesser Flamingoes
B3 Verreaux's Eagle And Augur Buzzard; Crowned Cranes, Yellow-Throated Sandgrouse, Tawny Eagles Fighting; Lion Pride With Cubs; Leopard Tortoise Mating Call And Blacksmith Plover
B4 Hunting Dogs - Puppies With Parents; Hunting Dogs Kill Warthog; Golden Jackal Sunset Chorus, Wildebeeste And Hyena; Old And Young Lion Roars

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