The West original soundtrack

The West: Original Soundtrack (Sony Sk 62727)



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Composer: Matthias Gohl
Label: Sony Sk 62727
Year: 2010
Condition: used
Grade: ex

"The West" title theme / Dane Le Beau & Black Elk Voices, LA
Colorado trail
Sweet Nebraska land / Roger Welsch
Cheyenne march song (Black Kettle's theme) / Black Elk Voices, NY
Morning prayer
The old Chisolm Trail / Harry "Haywire Mac" McClintock
Bare necessities (Lewis & Clark's theme)
Steal away & Shine like a star (The Exodusters) / Katreese & Jarry Barnes
Lakota flag song (Sitting Bull's theme) / Black Elk Voices, NY with Sherry Blakey-Smith
Git along, little doggies
Wind that shakes the barley
California Humbug / Alan Beilharz & Dorothy Hawkinson
Across the wide Missouri
Amazing grace (Cherokee vocal) / Leta Rector
Joseph honor song (Chief Joseph's theme) / Black Elk Voices, NY with Sherry Blakey-Smith & Pamela Driggs
Come, come ye Saints
Farewell Tae Kemper (John Love's theme)
Railroad medley: Wabash Cannonball ; Jesse James ; Jerry ; Go 'lle that car
Prairie love songs
Days of '49 / Alan Beiharz
Kiowa ruffle dance / Black Elk Voices, NY
Death runs riot: Hidatsa woman ; Quantrill's Raiders ; Fetterman's hymn ; Sand Creek massacre
"The West" title theme (reprise)

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