439 Golden Greats: Heebeegeebees – original soundtrack



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Label: heebeegeebees TWITS101
Year: 1981
Grade: ex

with inner sleeve

Meaningless Songs (The Hee Bee Gee Bees)
(Dancing) Up The Wall (Jack Michaelson)
Dead Cicada (The Beagles)
Quite Ahead Of My Time (David Bowwow)
You're My Son (Kenny Rogered)
Boring song (Status Quid)
Ah! (The Hee Bee Gee Bees)
Too Depressed To Commit Suicide (The Pee Cees)
Simple Song (Paul McCarthrob and Wangs)
Granma (St Winnalot's Reform School Choir)
Music Machine (Babba)
Oh Me! (Larry Pilsson)
Bird Of Peace (Neil Dung, Bob Vylan, The Bland, Frank Sumatra, Dean Martian, Leonard Crowing, George Harrassing)

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