50 Years of Radio Comedy : original soundtrack



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Label: BBC REC 138M - mono
Year: 1972
Condition: used
Grade: vg

Side one -  The Acts
A1 Sandy Powell
A2 Claude Dampier & Billie Carlyle
A3 Jack Warner
A4 Max Miller
A5 Mabel Constanduros
A6 Mr Murgatroyd & Mr Winterbottom
A7 Ethel Revnell & Gracie West
A8 Robb Wilton
A9 Will Fyffe
A10 Frankie Howerd

Side two - The Shows
B1 Bandwaggon: Arthur Askey, Richard Murdoch
B2 Hi Gang!: Ben Lyon, Vic Oliver
B3 ITMA: Tommy Handley, Horace Percival, Diana Morrison
B4 Much-Binding-In-The-Marsh: Kenneth Horne, Richard Murdoch, Maurice Denham, Sam Costa
B5 Take It From Here: Jimmy Edwards, Dick Bentley, June Whitfield
B6 Hancock's Half Hour: Tony Hancock, Sid James, Hattie Jacques, Bill Kerr
B7 Round The Horne: Kenneth Horne, Betty Marsden, Kenneth Williams, Hugh Paddick
B8 The Navy Lark: Leslie Phillips, Jon Pertwee, Stephen Murray, Ronnie Barker

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