Angel and the Soldier Boy : original soundtrack



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Composer: clannad
Label: BMG PL74328
Year: 1989
Condition: used
Grade: ex/NM

The first 25 minutes contains the Theme Song "A DREAM IN THE NIGHT" followed by instrumentals. The next 25 minutes contains the music again but with NARRATION by Tom Conti...telling the tale.

Side One
A Music From The Angel And The Soldier Boy 25:00
Aa A Dream In The Night (Theme From 'The Angel And The Soldier Boy')
Ab The Pirates
Ac The Soldier Boy
Ad The Angel
Ae The Flies
Af The Spider
Ag The Cat
Ah The Jolly Roger
Ai Into The Picture
Aj Pirates Merrymaking
Ak Finding The Key
Al Pirates On The Island
Am Sea And Storm
An The Love Theme
Ao The Chase
Ap The Toys
Aq The Rescue
Ar Back To The Book
As A Dream In The Night (Instrumental)

Side Two
The Angel And The Soldier Boy (Story Narrated By Tom Conti) 25:00

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