Clangers: television music – original soundtrack




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Composer: vernon elliot
Label: trunk records SOUP001CD
Year: 2001
Condition: new
Grade: mint

Track listing
1. Intro Music and Dialogue from "Episode One"
2. The Start Of "Music"
3. From "Visiting Friends"
4. "Clangers running around the planet!"
5. From "Fishing"
6. From "Treasure"
7. "Some Musical Sequences"
8. From "Goods" (This was used when the machine in the episode "Goods" went into continual production of various plastic objects)
9. "An End Title"
10. "Tiny Clangers Radio Hat"
11. "Some Of Oliver's Special Clangers Effects including the Froglets"
12. From "The Rock Collector"
13. From "Glowhoney"
14. From "Teapot"
15. From "Cloud"
16. From "The Seed"
17. From "The Bags"
18. From "Blow Fruit"
19. From "The Pipe Organ"
20. From "The Music of the Spheres"
21. "A short, silent interval"
22. "A Clangers Opera, Act One" "The Iron Chicken and the Music Trees" (Compiled by Oliver Postgate)

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