A Suitable Boy (BBC Television Score) original soundtrack



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Composer: Alex Heffes With Anoushka Shankar
Label: Silva Screen – SILLP1631
Year: 2021
Condition: new
Grade: mint - not sealed  "This record has been manufactured without shrink wrap"
Numbered limited edition of 1200 copies. - this is copy -0923
2 x LPs

Track listing
side 1
A1 Prologue
A2 Lata's Theme
A3 Your Sister, My Brother
A4 You Too Will Marry A Boy I Choose
A5 Lutf Woh Ishq Mein
A6 Mehfil Barkhaast Hui
A7 Smitten Kitten (Meenakshi's Theme)
A8 Holi
A9 Quegdevelim Sunset
A10 No Time, Lover, Or Friend
A11 Raag Khamaaj

side 2
B1 There Is No Harm In Dawn
B2 The Floating Temple
B3 Pillow Talk
B4 Let's Go Away / I Never Want To See You Again
B5 Na-Rawa Kahiye
B6 What Happened & Maan Delirium
B7 Muddat Hui Hai
B8 Kabir's Letter
B9 Unsuitable Tango
B10 The Railway Theme
B11 One Loves You
B12 Your Parakeet Is Well?

side 3
C1 Are You Making Fun Of Me?
C2 Farewell To Rasheed
C3 Are Your A Lipstick Girl?
C4 Are We French Now?
C5 Dil-E-Nadaan
C6 Make Lata Love Me
C7 I Can Make Any Shoe
C8 Think Beyond Your Friends
C9 Fluke Of A Catch
C10 Christmas In Prahapore
C11 Free India's First Election
C12 Raag Jhinjhoti

side 4
D1 Raag Lalit
D2 Maan In Turmoil
D3 Loss
D4 The Fever Bird
D5 Maan In Prison
D6 An Unfortunate Accident
D7 Love Has Run His Course (Mehfil Barkhaast Hui Duet)
D8 A Suitable Boy
D9 Lata Chooses Her Suitable Boy
D10 Monkey Wisdom

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