101 Dalmations : original soundtrack




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Composer: George Bruns, Mel Leven (songs)
Label: disney 507 5692
Year: 2002
Condition: new
Grade: mint

1. Overture
2. A Beautiful Spring Day
3. What's All the Hurry/A Perfect Situation/Stir Things Up
4. Cruella De Vil
5. Don't Worry, Perdy/The Puppies Are Here/Lucky/How Marvelous/Not One/A Bloomin' Hero
6. Ol' Thunder Always Wins
7. Kanine Krunchies
8. Bedtime/An Evening Constitutional/A Job to Do/They're Gone!
9. Dognapped!/Anita Darling/What'll We Do?
10. All Dog Alert
11. Sergeant Tibs' Recon/Cat Casserole
12. Can You Leave Tonight?/Arduous Trek/Any News, Colonel?/I Want the Job Done
13. Pulling a Snitch/Big Hullabaloo/Battling the Baduns
14. My Darlings/99/Better Be Off/Fire One/All Clear
15. Throught the Snow/Shelter
16. I'm Hungry/Get Some Rest/Back on the Road/Spotted!
17. Dinsford/Cruella/A Roll in the Soot/To the Van/It Can't Be/Crazed/You Fools!
18. Puppies Everywhere
19. Dalmatian Plantation/Finale
20. Cruella De Vil - Nonsense Version (Demo)

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