Alice Faye: This Year’s Kisses



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Actor: Alice Faye
Label: Conifer CMS 001
Year: 1989
Condition: used
Grade: ex

side one
Oh! I Didn't Know You'd Get That Way 2:39
I'm Shooting High 4:14
One Never Knows, Does One? 1:36
You Can't Have Everything 2:06
You've Got To Eat Your Spinach, Baby 3:46
Got My Mind On Music 2:38
It's Swell Of You 2:54
Now It Can Be Told 2:06
He Ain't Got Rhythm 3:37
You Turned The Tables On Me 4:02

side two
Alexander's Ragtime Band Medley: When The Midnight Choo-Choo Leaves For Alabam' / All Alone / The International Rag / Everybody's Doin' It / Alexander's Ragtime Band 6:27
Never In A Million Years 2:38
Sing, Baby Sing! 1:42
Please Pardon Us, We're In Love 2:24
I Love To Ride The Horses On A Merry-Go-Round 1:16
Danger, Love At Work 3:10
Whose Big Baby Are You? 1:45
Slumming On Park Avenue 2:36
Who Stole The Jam? 2:39
When I'm With You 1:29
This Year's Kisses 3:24

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