Star Trek: Discovery (Season 3) original soundtrack



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Composer: Jeff Russo
Label: Lakeshore Records – LKS36050
Year: 2022
Condition: New
Grade: mint - sealed
2 x LP set Blue & White Marble

side one
A1 Burnham Crash Lands
A2 Book’s Ship / Hello Grudge
A3 Federation Is Gone
A4 Meeting Zareh
A5 Georgiou and Zareh
A6 It’s You, Saru
A7 Starfleet Academy
A8 Adira Accepted
side two
B1 Federation HQ
B2 Cryo Tombs / Attis Attacks
B3 Leaving Nhan
B4 Reunited with Book
B5 The Escape
B6 Work Together
B7 Terran Stories
side three
C1 The Charon
C2 Fireflies
C3 Killing Traitors
C4 Georgiou Goodbye
C5 Meeting Survivor
C6 Michael’s Win
side four
D1 Andorian Opera
D2 Michael to the Rescue
D3 Sending Stamets to HQ
D4 Deliver the Bomb
D5 Resetting the Datacore
D6 Reuniting the Federation
D7 Captain Burnham

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